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Adobe adds more AI features to Photoshop! New generative coloring and elimination tools make post-production easier! | DIGIPHOTO


Adobe has released a new Generative Fill feature for Photoshop. The “Generative Coloring” supported by Firefly is the world’s first creative assistant for the creative and design process. Without destroying the original image, you can use simple text commands to paint in just a few seconds Easily add, expand or remove image content, providing users with magical new ways of working. Photoshop Beta is Adobe’s first Creative Cloud app to deeply integrate Firefly, and it has exciting plans for the future that will revolutionize workflows across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express.

Inject surging power into creativity and design

The next-generation AI is deeply integrated into the core tools of Photoshop, realizing a new creative workflow beyond imagination, and injecting surging power into muse with precise creative control.

Generative coloring automatically matches the perspective, lighting, and style in an image, reducing tedious tasks to help everyone achieve amazing results. Generative Coloring enhances creators’ creative expression and productivity, and allows creators to create with more confidence by using natural language and concepts to generate digital content in seconds:

  • Powered by Firefly: Firefly is designed to generate commercially-ready images, trained on Adobe Stock’s library of hundreds of millions of professional-grade licensed high-resolution images to ensure Firefly is not owned by others or brands intellectual property (IP) to generate content.
  • Magically transform ideas into images with simple text commands: add, expand, or remove content from images to achieve unexpected effects.
  • Edit in a non-destructive state: Create newly generated content in the generated layer, allowing users to be endlessly creative and restore the original image if necessary without being affected by the creative process.
  • Create at transformative speed: No matter what idea or concept a user wants to try out, as fast as they can type, unlimited creativity can be created with high quality.
  • Support for Photoshop on the web: Generative Coloring is a new module in Firefly beta for creators interested in testing new features on the web.

Other latest features

In addition, Adobe’s updated Photoshop version today introduces several new features that enhance and speed up creative workflows, including Adjustment Presets, Contextual Task Bar, Remove Tool and Enhanced Gradients enable users to perform complex editing and create unique designs while saving time. See here for details.

▲ Adobe’s updated Photoshop version imports the Adjustment Presets function, and users can set them according to their own preferences.

With the new Remove Tool in Photoshop, users can create more flexibly

▲ With the new Remove Tool in Photoshop, users can create more flexibly


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