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Artist Chen Danqing Received Death Threats from CCP Netizens Angrily Rebuke | The Truth | The Epoch Times

Artist Chen Danqing Received Death Threats from CCP Netizens Angrily Rebuke | The Truth | The Epoch Times
Artist Chen Danqing Received Death Threats from CCP Netizens Angrily Rebuke | The Truth | The Epoch Times

Artist Chen Danqing received death threats from the Ministry of State Security of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, asking him to delete his tweets and stop tweeting criticism of Chinese Communist Party leaders, including historical Chinese Communist Party leaders. (Internet screenshot)

[The Epoch Times, May 26, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya) Chen Danqing, a well-known mainland artist and literary critic, exposed the history of the CCP’s falsification and various ugliness of the CCP’s leaders on Twitter, and was met with death from Beijing. Threats, asking him to delete the post immediately and stop writing, otherwise he may be “disappeared”. The news aroused anger and condemnation from many netizens on the Internet.

At around 7:00 p.m. Beijing time on May 26, Chen Danqing posted a post revealing that he had received a threatening private letter on Twitter from police officer Zhang Song of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, claiming that “the leader hopes that you will stop posting any information that harms the party and state leaders through the Twitter platform.” People, including the historical leaders of the party (Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi) I hope you can delete the relevant articles you have published before within 24 hours, otherwise you may really face “disappearance”. “

Chen Danqing received a private message on Twitter from the Ministry of State Security in Beijing—a death threat, asking to delete Twitter and stop tweeting. (Tweet by Chen Danqing)

Chen Danqing said that at this point, he has decided to clear the previous content, and will no longer post political-related tweets in the future, but only retweet tweets from netizens. What happened to him aroused the anger of many netizens on Twitter, who condemned the CCP authorities.

Overseas Internet celebrity Monkey King commented that the CCP is too weak, right? “Just a few tweets, you are so scared that you want to kill your mouth? Just this scumbag still wants to go out of China and go to the world? Forget it Well, the mouse can only live in the gutter world, and can only bully those who are weaker and smaller than it in the gutter.”

Senior Beijing media person Gao Yu also condemned, “What kind of language is ‘disappeared’? Is it the language of a legal government? Or the language of the ‘mafia’? The ‘mafia’ is going to do legal business. The language of the “terrorist group”!”

Netizen “Die Lianhua” said in solidarity: For so long, you have released a large number of shocking and high-quality tweets, “You have unmasked the evil mask of the Communist Party and made our understanding of communist totalitarianism a step further. Thank you You stand up, we will always support you!”

Heng He, an expert on China issues, told the Epoch Times reporter, “For the CCP’s threat to overseas Chinese, we should preserve the evidence and immediately contact the local police and federal law enforcement agencies. In the United States, the FBI has a special website for those who report the CCP’s overseas activities. Convenient. Western countries generally have corresponding agencies. Germany has uncovered the CCP’s “610” spy activities at least ten years ago.”

Another netizen surnamed Xia also made a similar suggestion: “If you receive a “threat letter” like this, you should immediately report it for the record and remind the relevant departments to pay attention. If necessary, the US police and national security will also intervene in this matter. Because this is a threat and intimidation , is a flagrant violation of U.S. freedom of speech laws…”

Chen Danqing’s Twitter exposure of the CCP’s history of falsification caused the authorities to panic

A tweet before Chen Danqing received this threatening private letter happened to expose the CCP’s propaganda during the Cultural Revolution that the so-called Mao Zedong Thought was invincible and could restore hearing and speak to deaf-mute people. Chen Danqing attached the relevant short video content, and accompanied it with a mocking short comment, saying: “This also proves a famous saying of former US President Ronald Reagan: ‘Communism is neither an economic system nor a political system, it is a mental illness’ .”

Chen Danqing revealed on Twitter that the propaganda of Mao Zedong Thought can cure deaf-mute people. (Video screenshot)

Nearly a thousand people forwarded and commented on this post.

Professor Han Shangxiao agreed with the post, “This kind of mental illness continues to this day, and there is still no cure!” A netizen responded directly, “Mainland China is a country with a very large mental hospital.”

A previous tweet by Chen Danqing was to expose the truth of the three-year famine, “Mao Zedong firmly refused food aid from the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries and Taiwan, causing tens of millions of people to starve to death!”

His recent post also summed up the CCP regime: “When a regime does not allow you to choose and remove, it will weave lies into truth! When a regime does not allow you to monitor and question, there must be something behind it. Unspeakable ugliness! When a regime uses violence to suppress reasonable demands, its nature must be powerful and hooligan! When a regime governs the country with “stability over everything else”, behind it must be blood and tears piled up in harmony!”

Some commentators believe that the CCP is afraid of the historical events of the CCP that he posted, so that many people who have been deceived by the CCP’s false history have learned the truth.

After receiving the threatening letter, Chen Danqing expressed emotion, “You don’t care what should be done, and you should take care of what you shouldn’t!” “You have to control what movies we watch, what TV we watch, what books we read, what we surf the Internet, and what we say. However, you don’t care what we eat, you don’t care when we get sick, You don’t care if the children can’t afford to go to school, and you don’t care if the elderly can’t afford to take care of them.”

Introduction of Chen Danqing

Mainland Baidu Encyclopedia introduced Chen Danqing, born in Shanghai on August 11, 1953, graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is an artist, writer, and art critic. In 1982, Chen Danqing immigrated to the United States. In 2000, Chen Danqing returned to China and was employed by Tsinghua University as a professor of fine arts and a doctoral supervisor. He resigned in October 2004 because he could hardly agree with the dogma and rigidity of the education system.

He once won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Asian Artists,China’s First Times Artist Award,In 2008, he was one of the top ten figures in China’s collection industry, and Golden South was the author of the year most concerned by readers in 2011.

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