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The second-hand housing in Hangzhou cannot be sold, and the landlord has no choice but to lower the price again and again |

The second-hand housing in Hangzhou cannot be sold, and the landlord has no choice but to lower the price again and again |
The second-hand housing in Hangzhou cannot be sold, and the landlord has no choice but to lower the price again and again |

[The Epoch Times, May 25, 2023]”Second-hand housing is hard to sell” in mainland China, and the only way to sell a house is to drastically reduce the price, making landlords very anxious. The homeowners of second-hand houses in Hangzhou, Zhejiang said that they listed their houses for sale, but none of them bought them sincerely.

Homeowner in Hangzhou complains that the house cannot be sold

On social networks, landlords have shared their experiences of selling houses.

A landlord in the West Lake District of Hangzhou said that he started selling his house last year. In order to increase the exposure rate of the house, I called the intermediary every day to communicate, and the house information was displayed in Lianjia’s “must-see house” and I love my house’s “selected house”, but there was no splash. “Last year, a client made an appointment to come to see the house. The client was late for more than an hour, but I was willing to wait. There is no way, the house is too difficult to sell. The current landlord is really humble.”

“Zhejiang Daily” reported on May 26 that since last year, many landlords in Hangzhou have found that houses are not easy to sell, and few people even come to see the houses listed.

The landlord of a community in Liangzhu, Hangzhou, said that his house had the lowest listed price among the second-hand houses of the same type in the community. The agent showed him more than 90 times, but “no one bought it sincerely.”

Fang Li (pseudonym) bought an old house on Jiefang Road in 2020, with a construction area of ​​less than 50 square meters and a total price of 1.9 million yuan. When she first moved in, she was very satisfied with the location, decoration and commuting distance of the house.

At the beginning of this year, Fang Li decided to sell this old house and replace it with a new one or a new one. But when I inquired, if the current transaction price is used, her house has lost at least 350,000 yuan compared to the purchase price. What’s even more troublesome is that no one wants to come to see the house at all. “I’ve lost so much, I really don’t want to lower the price anymore, but if the house can’t be sold, I can’t replace it. It’s really tangled.” Fang Li said, which made her feel very anxious.

Brokers in the city center told the media that landlords in old communities are the most anxious, because the prices of old communities have dropped a lot in the past year or so, and they cannot be sold without a substantial price reduction.

According to the data from I Love My Home, there are more than 600 listings in District 1-9 of Zhaohui, Hangzhou, and the unit price of many listings is less than 30,000 yuan.

If you want to sell the house, you only have a big price cut

Some landlords have finally sold their houses, and their experience is: lower prices.

A netizen posted that a friend of his had finally sold a house in Wisteria Garden, Zhonghai, Sandun after 17 months. He will list the house for sale in the second half of 2021, with a construction area of ​​90 square meters and a listing price of 3.85 million yuan. The listed price of houses of the same type in the same community is basically 3.9 million yuan. He feels that this listed price is very sincere and should not be difficult to sell. However, there were very few people who saw the house after listing.

In order to sell the house as soon as possible, he was forced to lower the price repeatedly, and finally the house was sold for 3.12 million yuan, 730,000 yuan lower than the original listing price.

A landlord in Xizhao New Village, Shangcheng District, said that he just sold the old dilapidated elementary school in Sijiqing, Hangzhou at a reduced price. This is the school district house of Caihe No. 2 Elementary School. a balcony. Even if it is a house in a school district of a prestigious school, the house has been listed for half a year, and the house price has fallen from 2.5 million yuan to below 2 million yuan, and finally sold for 1.98 million yuan.

A netizen commented that his house was located in the next-door community, with an area of ​​57 square meters, and the listing price dropped from 2.45 million yuan to 1.88 million yuan before he sold it.

Netizen “Drunk Cat Hu Tiehua” posted on Weibo on the 25th: In a residential area in Hangzhou, the housing price has been cut from 65,000 to 35,000, and the owner left in tears…

As of May 22, the transaction volume of second-hand housing in downtown Hangzhou was only over 4,300 units. It is expected that the final transaction volume in May will be around 6,000 units, which is a sharp drop from the tens of thousands in March. While the transaction volume is sluggish, the number of second-hand housing listings is high. As of May 23, the number of second-hand housing listings in downtown Hangzhou exceeded 210,000. This means that the transaction volume of many second-hand housing communities has been at a low level recently, and many communities have not even had housing transactions for several months.

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