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NATO generals secretly visit Taiwan to deal with the threat of the CCP (Figure) Link-22 data link | United States | National Army |


The picture shows the national flag on the roof tower of Taiwan’s Presidential Palace. (Image credit: Getty Images)
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[Look at China, May 26, 2023](See comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Cai Siyun) The United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, NATO) have paid close attention to the situation in the Indo-Pacific region and the Taiwan Strait in recent years. It is reported that NATO generals secretly visited Taiwan in March and met with counterparts from the National Defense University in Taiwan. It is rumored that the United States will assist Taiwan in obtaining NATO’s Link-22 data link system technology to prepare for the upgrade of the existing Xun’an system of the national army.
See Chinese websites prohibit the establishment of mirror sites.

The China Project, an American political journal, revealed that Lieutenant General Olivier Rittimann of the NATO Defense College in Rome secretly visited Taiwan in March. In this regard, the NATO Defense Academy confirmed that Littiman had visited Taiwan for “academic purposes” from March 27 to 31, which was part of cultural exchanges between the academy and important academic institutions around the world. Taiwan’s National Defense University also confirmed the news, but declined to comment further.

The report mentioned that due to China’s threats to regional countries such as Taiwan, NATO has invested more effort in the Indo-Pacific region. It was previously reported that NATO is planning to establish a liaison office in Tokyo, Japan, which is the first office established by NATO in Asia, in order to strengthen exchanges with the Indo-Pacific region.

Ivan Kanapathy, former deputy senior director of Asian affairs at the National Security Council of the White House, pointed out that NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has only recently advised China that its threat to Taiwan is unjustified and that the use of force will have serious consequences. An attack could lead to a global recession, and it is in the interest of all NATO members to deter China.”

NATO Link-22 data link allows the United States and Taiwan to form a common combat image

It is rumored that the United States will assist Taiwan in obtaining NATO’s Link-22 data link system technology, and prepare for the upgrade of the existing Xun’an system of the Taiwan National Army. Li Shiqiang, director of the Department of War Planning of Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, confirmed this on the 25th.

“Central News Agency” reported that Taiwan’s Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng went to the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee of the Legislative Yuan yesterday morning to report on the “Implementation of the National Defense Industry Development Regulations” and prepare for questions. Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Zhao Tianlin asked whether the United States would assist Taiwan in obtaining NATO’s Link-22 data link system technology. Li Shiqiang, the director of strategic planning, confirmed that this was indeed the case, and explained that there was no problem with the link between the national army’s own equipment , the purpose of this escalation case is to link with the United States.

It is understood that the national army will upgrade the existing Xun’an system (Bosheng case) and integrate the command and control system, missiles and platforms developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After evaluation, the NATO Link-22 data link system technology is the most suitable.

Jie Zhong, an associate researcher at the National Policy Research Foundation, said in an interview that the National Army’s existing Xun’an system (the Bosheng case) uses Link-16, and NATO’s Link-22 is an upgraded system developed on the basis of Link-16. In contrast, it has the advantages of greatly improving the super-horizon networking, strengthening anti-jamming capabilities, improving command efficiency, faster message transmission, and increased transmission units. More importantly, the national army will be able to truly connect with the US.

Jiezhong further explained that Link-22 and Link-16 have a high similarity, so it is relatively easy to upgrade to Link-22 based on Link-16, and Link-22 can connect to the network beyond the horizon, not only has a long effective distance, but also The army can also reduce the number of communication nodes to avoid becoming the target of the enemy’s search and attack.

Jie Zhong pointed out that if the CCP violates Taiwan, it will inevitably collect funds and conduct electronic warfare throughout the entire process, and interfering with the national army’s data chain is the top priority. Link-22 has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability and fast transmission speed, which can improve the efficiency of guidance and communication in wartime.

Su Ziyun, a think tank of the Ministry of National Defense and a scholar of the National Defense Security Research Institute, said that Link-22 is to replace NATO’s Link-11 in the past, and it is more widely used in terms of bandwidth and communication distance. Link-22 has HF/UHF communication mode, which can extend the communication distance without relying on satellites, and integrates air planes, surface ships, and land mobile vehicles into the network.

Su Ziyun said that Link-22 can adopt automatic grouping function to fully present the positions of enemy and friendly forces and form a common operational picture (COP), and has stronger anti-jamming capabilities of frequency hopping and spread spectrum, effectively responding to electronic warfare threats . If the CCP invades Taiwan, it will inevitably be on the ocean battlefield. Link-22’s long-distance transmission can effectively extend Taiwan’s combat image and strengthen strategic, operational, and tactical applications.

As for the political dimension, the two experts believe it represents the trust of NATO allies in Taiwan. Jie Zhong pointed out that the patents of Link-22 belong to NATO countries. If the United States agrees to assist Taiwan in upgrading, it means that the rest of the member states have agreed. In terms of diplomacy, it shows the dissatisfaction and distrust of European countries towards Russia and China. Su Ziyun also said that this move symbolizes mutual trust between Taiwan and the United States, and regards Taiwan as a non-NATO ally, which is in line with the spirit of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

People familiar with the matter explained that what the Link-22 system transmits is not real images, but after obtaining data and information such as target elements, it is sent to each combat command center to recombine images such as radar or thunder. The CCP’s XS-3, DTS-03 and other two link systems may have surpassed some of the Link-16 system’s performance. If the U.S. military assists Taiwan in upgrading to Link-22, it will be of great benefit to national defense and future military cooperation.

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