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  • Time: 2023-05-26 11:33

  • Press citation: interview
  • Writing editor: Ouyang Mengping
Pedestrian accidents often run red lights or cross lanes Beishi plans to expand sensor warning devices
Taipei City will choose intersections where accidents often occur, especially places where elderly people come and go frequently to install warning devices for violations. The picture shows pedestrians crossing the road at Xinyi Intersection in Daan District, Taipei City in the afternoon. (Photo: Central News Agency)

The Transportation Bureau of the Taipei City Government pointed out today (26th) that most of the pedestrian accidents in Taipei City are elderly people, and most of them occur at intersections during rush hour. Mayor Jiang Wan’an requested to first address the time and place where accidents occur more frequently. The Transportation Bureau stated that it will choose intersections where accidents often occur, especially where the elderly frequently come and go, and install warning devices to strengthen improvement.

On the 25th, the Executive Yuan passed the “Pedestrian Priority Traffic Safety Action Plan”, which put forward 19 action plans for engineering, education, supervision, and law enforcement, and announced the implementation performance of counties and cities every month.

The Taipei City Government held a traffic conference today. Mayor Jiang Wanan listened to reports on “Traffic Law Enforcement and Accident Analysis” and “Neighborhood Traffic Environment Improvement Implementation Plan Verification”.

Jiang Wanan pointed out in an interview before the meeting that Taipei City had already planned relevant pedestrian-friendly plans at the beginning of this year, and set up a prefectural-level cross-bureau office for discussion. Clean up the stigma of “pedestrian hell”. Jiang Wan’an: “(Original voice) We will use 4 major axes, 10 major plans and 34 work items to carry out related work, including the motorcycle exiting the sidewalk 2.0, as well as strengthening law enforcement including intersection safety, and the safety of large vehicles turning, and Carrying out people-oriented traffic engineering, I think this part is to wash away the stigma of pedestrian hell and return the public to a safe walking environment as soon as possible. 』

The Bureau of Transportation analyzed the characteristics of pedestrian accidents in the report. The age group of deaths is all over 65 years old. The peak time of occurrence is the rush hour from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and 70% of them occur at intersections. Not paying attention to the situation in front of the car is the main one; the pedestrian violation rate is as high as 85.7%, among which running a red light is the most, followed by crossing the lane without authorization.

After listening to the report, Jiang Wanan asked to address the time and place where the number of accidents occurred first, and proposed specific measures for engineering or law enforcement to reduce the occurrence of accidents, such as setting up inductive beeps or warnings for running red lights. The Bureau of Transportation stated that it has already adopted the method of sensing pedestrians running red lights, and it is still doing so. In the future, it will choose some intersections where violations often occur, especially in places where elderly people come and go frequently. Hope to improve it.

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