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The U.S.-China Committee adopts the Taiwan report and recommends the establishment of a joint planning group (Figure) -Special Committee on China- Chinese Communist Party- – Current Affairs Focus- –

The U.S.-China Committee adopts the Taiwan report and recommends the establishment of a joint planning group (Figure) -Special Committee on China- Chinese Communist Party- – Current Affairs Focus- –
The U.S.-China Committee adopts the Taiwan report and recommends the establishment of a joint planning group (Figure) -Special Committee on China- Chinese Communist Party- – Current Affairs Focus- –

The U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. (Image credit: Getty Images)

[Look at China, May 25, 2023]The U.S. House of Representatives “Special Committee on China” passed the Taiwan report today and put forward 10 recommendations, including speeding up the delivery of arms sales, formulating joint plans with U.S. allies and partners, and expanding U.S.-Taiwan cooperation. Military training, the establishment of a US-Taiwan joint planning team, etc.

The special committee on China issue voted orally today to resolve the Uyghur genocide and strengthen Taiwan’s intimidation to prevent China from invading Taiwan. This is the first report since the committee was established. The Taiwan Proposal is the 10 recommendations made by the committee after the April war game to strengthen Taiwan’s deterrence.

Chairman Mike Gallagher (Mike Gallagher) said after the passage of the bill that, based on the committee’s tweets, the committee saw the dire consequences that could occur if deterrence failed. To ensure this does not happen, the committee overwhelmingly approved 10 policy recommendations that could be passed by the current Congress that would significantly increase hard power across the international date line and intensify intimidation of the Taiwan Strait.

The report pointed out that Taiwan is the cornerstone of the global economy and an important partner of the United States. Although never exercising control over Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party claims historical sovereignty over the island and constantly threatens to “unify” it with the People’s Republic of China, by force if necessary.

The report pointed out that the CCP’s increasingly provocative approach to Taiwan threatens the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait and violates the expectations of the United States on China and Taiwan policy. The United States should strengthen its commitment to Taiwan in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act. The CCP’s provocative actions raise serious concerns about the possibility of direct aggression against Taiwan, and it is in the political, security, and economic interests of the United States to prevent China’s military aggression against Taiwan.

After the committee examines the issue in detail, it provides a blueprint for congressional action, including that the United States should increase its presence in the Indo-Pacific region of long-range missiles and unmanned vehicles, but the U.S. defense manufacturing base does not have the capacity to rapidly produce the required quantities; the United States and its allies need to strengthen and better coordination and collective planning to deter or respond diplomatically and economically to the Taiwan crisis; strengthen joint U.S.-Taiwan military training to increase intimidation; Taiwan urgently needs U.S. Congress to approve the sale of key weapons systems; the U.S. currently does not Clearly define the Indo-Pacific emergency response operational command and control structure.

The report also found that U.S. critical infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks by the CCP; Taiwan continues to face cyber attacks from the CCP and remains vulnerable in the cyber domain; the U.S. and Taiwan militaries are not yet integrated in planning and operations; U.S. military bases should be strengthened to resist The possibility of an attack by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army; in the event of a crisis, it will be very difficult to supply Taiwan.

In response to these 10 findings, the report also puts forward 10 corresponding recommendations, including accelerating the increase in the number of long-range attack weapons through multi-year procurement; formulating a joint plan with allies and partners, so that the CCP will pay a heavy diplomatic and economic cost when it invades Taiwan militarily Price; expand US-Taiwan joint military training; provide Taiwan with necessary hard power, including military equipment and weapons that Taiwan has purchased; according to the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023
(NDAA) to establish a Joint Force Headquarters or Joint Task Force dedicated to crisis response command and control.

The report also recommends strengthening the cyber resilience of U.S. critical infrastructure, especially defense-related parts; assisting Taiwan in strengthening its cyber security posture; establishing a U.S.-Taiwan joint planning team to improve U.S. capabilities for Taiwan’s defense needs and familiarity with the two militaries strengthen and distribute U.S. military posture in the Indo-Pacific region; rapidly expand Taiwan’s military stockpile and reduce its economic vulnerability to a Chinese blockade.

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