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Meta’s last wave of layoffs ends and recent stock price ushers in annual peak | San Francisco Instant | San Francisco

Meta’s last wave of layoffs ends and recent stock price ushers in annual peak | San Francisco Instant | San Francisco
Meta’s last wave of layoffs ends and recent stock price ushers in annual peak | San Francisco Instant | San Francisco

According to the internal information of Meta employees, on May 24, the Meta headquarters carried out the third layoffs since November last year. This is also the “last wave of layoffs” announced by Meta CEO Zuckerberg. A total of 21,000 employees have been laid off three times. Employees, the third wave of layoffs is mainly in the administrative department, business, public relations, legal affairs, advertising business, marketing and other units in North America, as well as all departments in Asia and Europe. Although Meta has laid off nearly 20% of its employees, Meta’s stock price has gradually climbed from last year’s low point. On the 25th, the stock price closed at 252.69 yuan, an annual increase of 31%.

According to Meta’s internal letter, the overall layoffs are mainly concentrated in “non-engineering-related” positions, further proving the importance of engineers in Meta, and Zuckerberg asked the company to reorganize in March this year, according to internal sources , the organization is indeed constantly flattening and streamlining.

An unnamed Chinese engineer said that because his department is the main product that Meta will focus on in the future, it will not be affected by layoffs. Instead, engineers think that flattening and streamlining the organization is more helpful to the organization that is really helpful to the company’s operations, and it can also get more company resources.

Recently, major companies in the technology industry are promoting AI products. Meta actually has related products, including multi-speech recognition technology, which can recognize more than 4,000 spoken languages, including local dialects. Taiwanese, and the number of language modules released by Meta is 40 times that of the currently known technology, especially the technology of text-to-speech and speech-to-text, combined with the hardware tools released by Meta in the future, it is very likely to open up the human community A new era of communication.

As the layoffs of big technology companies come to an end, many people in the technology industry are also relieved. Ma Zhaoxian, a Chinese engineer, said that it is true that the atmosphere of massacres made many people working in FAANG (the top technology industry in Silicon Valley) feel nervous, and they dare not ask for leave at will, for fear of missing company information; In other words, it is also a time to reorganize one’s own abilities, better understand one’s own position in the technology industry, and the needs of the market, and strive to survive in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Meta’s last wave of layoffs is over, and the recent stock price has ushered in an annual peak. The picture shows the public video of Meta CEO Zuckerberg’s first announcement of layoffs. (Reporter Jiang Shuohan / Recap)

There are also engineers who have not survived this wave of layoffs. They were unexpectedly laid off a while ago, which caused their families to be in trouble. Ma Zhaoxian said that he knows a friend who works in FAANG and his family only has a single salary. Now that he is facing layoffs, he has to sell the car first and ask the elders in Taiwan to help pay the mortgage to reduce all living expenses. The wife who has two young children should also go out to work at the same time , in order to continue to live in Silicon Valley with high commodity prices and high housing prices, the pressure is quite high.

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