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Audemars Piguet x Marvel’s new “Spider-Man” joint watch officially debuts

Audemars Piguet x Marvel’s new “Spider-Man” joint watch officially debuts
Audemars Piguet x Marvel’s new “Spider-Man” joint watch officially debuts

After Audemars Piguet and Marvel released the Royal Oak Concept Black Panther Flying Tourbillon watch with the theme of “Black Panther” in 2021, after a long time, the two parties once again jointly launched the new “Spider-Man” theme Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon, which is only released in limited quantities. 250 pieces.

The whole watch is made of titanium metal to create a 42mm case, with a black ceramic case and crown. The biggest highlight is the hollow movement, which is based on the 2948 movement and develops a new 2974 manual winding movement. Without affecting the normal operation of the function, the movement structure discards as much as possible the redundant parts, and the whole is like a transparent lace. Through the sapphire crystal glass mirror, the visual effect of “Spider-Man” floating in the air is presented.

This 3D character first uses CNC numerical control processing technology to cut a three-dimensional silhouette on a platinum plate, and laser engraves the texture of the superhero tights with changes. It is necessary to write complicated programs for the processing machine and conduct multiple tests. Then it is carefully modified by hand by an engraver to ensure a perfect carving effect. Finally, the artist hand-painted and painted the signature spider costume with a two-color contrast of matte red and electric blue, and enhanced the three-dimensional effect through the contrast effect of light and dark. Craftsmen in Brassus, Switzerland took 50 hours to create lifelike three-dimensional characters.

Other configurations include black PVD-coated K gold hour markers and Arabic numerals, K gold hands, both hour markers and hands are polished and polished, and covered with white luminous coating. The front and back of the case are alternately polished and microblasted, while the sides are matte polished. The movement also has multiple decoration processes such as brushed grinding, sandblasting, and bright polishing.

In addition, Audemars Piguet also specially launched the exclusive work Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon “Black Suit Spider-Man” for the charity auction. The platinum case was first engraved with a spider leg pattern by laser, and then injected with luminous mixed ceramics, and then polished and then laser-engraved. Engraved detailed spider web background. With a black ceramic bezel, the bottom cover is also decorated with ceramic decorations, and the words “Royal Oak Concept Unique Piece” in white.

The “Spider-Man” that adorns the surface wears the black clothes seen in comics in the 1980s, with green fluorescent hands, hour markers and some character details that emit green light in the dark. The rare black-clothed spider costume makes this unique work More mysterious.


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