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Collection Legendary Maserati Levante Modena SF Tributo Edition


●Pay tribute to the first female racing driver in the history of F1

●Exclusive car color magic orange with cobalt blue elements embellishment

●A 3.0L V6 twin-turbo configuration with a maximum output of 430hp/59.1kgm

●Domestic listing time: May 24, 2023

●The suggested price is 7.98 million yuan, and the domestic quota is 3

The F Tributo special edition model, which aims to pay tribute to Maserati’s glorious track history and countless victorious titles, follows the commemorative car model launched for the legendary driver Juan Manuel Fangio who won five F1 championships for the first time. Paying tribute to the female racing driver Maria Teresa de Filippis and her legendary fearless spirit, the general agent Taiwan Montina officially released the new Levante Modena SF Tributo Edition in Taiwan on May 24, with a suggested price of 7.98 million yuan and a domestic quota of only 3 car.

The exterior of the new F Tributo special edition model adopts the exclusive new Arancio Devil magic orange car color. The highly saturated and gorgeous visual experience symbolizes the fusion of vitality and fearless spirit. It is also reminiscent of the She Devil acquired by Maria Teresa with her powerful driving style. In terms of detailed design, the car adopts cobalt blue embellishments for the 21-inch Anteo matte gray wheels, C-pillar trident and front fender model badges, etc., and the interior is luxuriously decorated in Pieno Fiore In addition to the pure black combat cockpit created by the grained leather material and the Alcantara suede canopy, through the cobalt blue/orange contrast stitching that echoes the exterior elements, as well as the eye-catching Trident logo and the F Tributo embroidery on the front headrests emphasize the exclusivity. identity.


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