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Social Workers Spontaneously Recycle Disposable Batteries Respond Better than Expected to Collect 80kg in 3 Months

Royce voluntarily took back disposable batteries, and the response was better than expected. More than 80 kilograms of batteries have been recycled in 3 months.

[Yahoo News Report]Hong Kong people use more than 100 million batteries every year, but the current government “green in the district” only recycles rechargeable batteries, and discarded batteries are sent to landfills as general garbage. Some social workers started collecting old batteries in the community in February this year, and the public responded better than expected. By early May, more than 80 kilograms of disposable batteries had been collected, equivalent to more than 3,000 2A batteries. She hopes that through recycling activities, the public’s awareness of recycling disposable batteries will be raised. In the future, she will also consider applying for government funds to expand the recycling program.

Each battery pollutes one square foot of land

Royce, a social worker born in the 1980s, once lived with several environmentalists, which greatly improved his environmental awareness and learned that there is no large-scale recycling of disposable batteries in Hong Kong. Batteries contain toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead. She emphasized that disposable batteries are difficult to decompose naturally, and the toxicity of each battery can pollute one square foot of land, so they should not be buried in landfills at all.

According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency, Hong Kong people use more than 120 million dry batteries every year, of which disposable batteries account for 80% to 90%. Royce began to study how to recycle disposable batteries in 2021, and found that the contractors who deal with waste rechargeable batteries in “Green in the District” originally had the ability to recycle disposable batteries, but government contracts were not included. If a large number of disposable batteries are received together, additional Increase recycling costs. Royce called the EPA to check, but they said they could dispose of it like normal garbage and send it to landfills.

At present, Hong Kong people are generally not very aware of the recycling of disposable batteries. Royce launched it spontaneously in February this year. By appointment and mobile street station, it carries plastic buckets and trolleys in the community to recycle old batteries for recyclers to extract metals from them for reuse. By the beginning of May, a total of more than 80 kilograms of batteries had been recovered. She hopes to use this to encourage citizens to collect disposable batteries from friends around them, so as to spread the message of battery recycling.

Royce 今 年 2 月 起 自 發 回 收 廢 棄 即 棄 &# x0096fb;池。

Royce has voluntarily recycled discarded batteries since February this year.
Royce 認 為 現 時 公 眾 對 回 收 舊 電 池 &# 的認知不足,故藉回收計劃 a0; 強公民教育。

Royce 認 為 現 時 公 眾 對 回 收 舊 電 池 &# 的認知不足,故藉回收計劃 a0; 強公民教育。

Royce believes that the current public awareness of recycling old batteries is insufficient, so the recycling program is used to strengthen civic education.

Citizens spontaneously collect 40 pounds of batteries

She said with a smile that the public’s response to the recycling was better than expected. The people who participated in the recycling came from different sectors, and most of them were parents, because children’s toys used more batteries. There were also retirees who collected old batteries in the district and handed them over to her for recycling. She herself mainly recycles in the area from Prince Edward to Whampoa, but she will receive disposable batteries from Hong Kong Island residents. A large amount of… “Green in the mere area” should be recycled.”

社區回收欠缺資源,所需物 x008cc7;亦只能由 de; 收的膠桶。

社區回收欠缺資源,所需物 x008cc7;亦只能由 de; 收的膠桶。

Community recycling lacks resources, and Royce can only prepare the required materials, including recycled plastic buckets.
不少市民利用膠盒盛載即棄 x0096fb;池,交給Royce回收。受訪者facebook圖 x007247;

不少市民利用膠盒盛載即棄 x0096fb;池,交給Royce回收。受訪者facebook圖 x007247;

Many citizens use plastic boxes to hold disposable batteries and hand them over to Royce for recycling.Respondent facebook picture
Royce每次收集即遮電池後會 ;&# 檢查有否混進充電池, 兩 9700; 分開回收。受訪者facebook圖片

Royce每次收集即遮電池後會 ;&# 檢查有否混進充電池, 兩 9700; 分開回收。受訪者facebook圖片

Every time Royce collects the battery, it will check whether there is any rechargeable battery mixed in, and the two need to be recycled separately.Respondent facebook picture
Royce 每 次 均 會 記 錄 回 收 &# x003002;受訪者facebook圖片

Royce 每 次 均 會 記 錄 回 收 &# x003002;受訪者facebook圖片

Royce records the weight of recycled batteries each time.Respondent facebook picture

Her efforts attracted the participation of many small shops with similar ideas, and set up their own “recycling points” to collect old batteries. Royce appealed to small shops on Hong Kong Island to respond and set up their own recycling points to collect old batteries and send them to the collection point in Causeway Bay before handing them over to recyclers. However, she will not disclose the address of the collection point for the time being, in order to avoid a surge in pressure on the collection point. “Recycling has a cost, and the government should allocate funds to the contractor to do it.”

She suggested that when recycling old batteries, the public should ensure that the batteries are disposable, so there is no need to reclassify them; the safest thing is to use No. 2 plastic containers to store the recycled batteries. She will check and confirm that the batteries concerned are disposable and clean before handing them over to recyclers. She does not recommend that the public recycle the leaking battery. If it is just a slight “sweat”, it can be recycled by simply wiping it clean.

The recycling program has been well received, and some audio-visual stores have invited her to help recycle disposable batteries, but Royce will only do community recycling at this stage. She is currently a freelancer and does not consider finding a full-time job for the time being. In the future, she may apply for funding from the government’s “Community Waste Reduction Project” and other funds to officially start battery recycling work, or recruit other like-minded people to form associations to promote and recycle in the community .

Royce 現 時 接 受 預 約 和 在 流 動 街 站 & #x0056de;收即棄電池。

Royce 現 時 接 受 預 約 和 在 流 動 街 站 & #x0056de;收即棄電池。

Royce is currently accepting appointments and collecting single-use batteries at mobile street stations.
回收計劃的反應較預期為佳 x00ff0c;雖然Royce只在太子至黃埔一帶� 056de; 收,亦港島居民送來舊電池 x003002;

回收計劃的反應較預期為佳 x00ff0c;雖然Royce只在太子至黃埔一帶� 056de; 收,亦港島居民送來舊電池 x003002;

The response of the recycling program was better than expected. Although Royce only recycled the area from Prince Edward to Whampoa, residents of Hong Kong Island also sent used batteries.

The Environmental Protection Agency explained on the official website that the cost of recycling disposable batteries is higher than that of rechargeable batteries, and there are fewer harmful metals, and the value of a small amount of iron, zinc and manganese that can be extracted is not high. In addition, recycling facilities for disposable batteries are mainly Located in Europe and the United States, the shipping costs are high, so the economic and environmental benefits of overall recycling are not as good as rechargeable batteries. The Environmental Protection Agency also pointed out that landfills in Hong Kong have been laid with impermeable layers, which can intercept and treat leachate sewage, so disposable batteries can be disposed of safely.

Royce正考慮申請政府相關資助,& #x00672a;來擴展回收計劃。

Royce正考慮申請政府相關資助,& #x00672a;來擴展回收計劃。

Royce is considering applying for government funding to expand the recycling program in the future.

Disposable Battery Collection Points

Kowloon Bay|Daily work

Tsim Sha Tsui|Green Bitch

Tai Kok Tsui|Save Smart

Sham Shui Po|One Punch Library

Jordan|Egaoco HK


Tuen Mun|Yi-cycle

Hong Kong Island, Tsuen Wan|Hidden Gems HK

Central|Uncle’s Store

Sheung Shui|Faith Hope Love Studio

Hong Kong|The Loops

Recycling advice:

  1. Collect 20 to 30 disposable batteries in total before making an appointment for recycling

  2. Make sure all batteries are disposable and not rechargeable

  3. The battery can be contained in the No. 2 plastic container

  4. Avoid collecting leaking batteries

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