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Hololive fan shooter “HoloCure” is now free, operate cute EN members to save fans | 4Gamers


Previously developed by animator Kay Yu and his crew, the beat-to-play survival shooter “HoloCure” is now available for free download on the platform.

“HoloCure” uses the VTuber members of the hololive English group as operating characters, including a total of 11 characters from the mythology group, the parliament group and IRyS. Each character has unique skills and animation performance. In the game, players also need to avoid and defeat by moving. Enemies, get new skills, equipment or weapons by leveling up.




In addition to playing the survival game mode, the gold coins obtained by players in the challenges can also go to the Shop area to perform character gacha to obtain other unlocked characters or upgrades.

It is worth mentioning that “HoloCure” has currently included all EN members as a demo version, and will continue to update and add other VTuber members to the game in the future. The current first wave of previews is the hololive Gamers group.

“HoloCure” has now been released on the platform, and players can go to the official page to download it for free.

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