Tyson Yoshi took away the phone background picture of Sister Do’s phone accidentally exposed (16:42) – 20230525 – SHOWBIZ

Tyson Yoshi took away the phone background picture of Sister Do’s phone accidentally exposed (16:42) – 20230525 – SHOWBIZ
Tyson Yoshi took away the phone background picture of Sister Do’s phone accidentally exposed (16:42) – 20230525 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: May 25, 2023

Zheng Yuling (Sister Do) filmed a travel program for HOY TV. After Ying Zhiyue and Hong Jiahao went to Korea and Germany respectively, she is currently filming a program with Tyson Yoshi in Austria. Sister Do forgot to zip up her rucksack again. Tyson Yoshi posted a video on social platforms this afternoon (25th). He took it out and said, “Why is it so easy?” Then he walked up to Sister Do and said, “Sister Do, call me!”

Seeing this, Ms. Do was surprised and said: “Oh, I (the backpack) didn’t zip it up, why don’t you let me hear it? (Tyson: Someone tried to steal it first, I helped you stop him.) What? Yes? Are you a thief? Do you look like you? (Tyson: No, you think too much, you made a mistake, I won’t let you down next time!)” Sister Do left a message on his Ig: “ In this trip, are you protecting me and trying to trick me?”

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