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Yunxiang Biography | Mao Xiaotong has been admitted to the acting class at the age of 17 and has experienced ups and downs in growth and love.

Yunxiang Biography | Mao Xiaotong has been admitted to the acting class at the age of 17 and has experienced ups and downs in growth and love.
Yunxiang Biography | Mao Xiaotong has been admitted to the acting class at the age of 17 and has experienced ups and downs in growth and love.

Mainland actress Mao Xiaotong has participated in many popular dramas for many years since her debut, from “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, to “Splendid Wei Young”, and then to “Thirty Only”, her popularity has gradually increased. Recently, she collaborated with Chen Xiao on the costume drama ” “Legend of Yunxiang” is a constant topic, and the word-of-mouth ratings are double.

Mao Xiaotong performed well in the play. (still photo)

In the play, Mao Xiaotong plays a heroine who is both civil and military, ruthless, decisive and agile in her actions. Chu Chu contacted Yun Xiang played by Chen Xiao in order to take advantage of him, and finally used his true feelings. Although Mao Xiaotong has a baby face, almost all the characters he portrayed in the film and television are quite different, including Li Changru who is tolerant of black belly in “Splendid Weiyang”, Zhong Xiaoqin who is flattering in “Thirty Only”, and “Joe’s Daughter”. The good girls and so on, both the protagonist and the villain are well controlled, no matter the supporting role is sure to be a hot topic, the acting skills are remarkable.

Mao Xiaotong has a sweet and lovely appearance, but he is very malleable in terms of roles. (Weibo @毛晓彤工作室)

The 35-year-old Mao Xiaotong came from an acting class. He was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama at the age of 17 and won the annual professional excellence bonus for the academic year. He is low-key and has never had any negative news. In fact, Mao Xiaotong’s growth experience was very bumpy. His father drank and gambled, which made the family’s poor family worse. The mother who was pregnant was forced to go out to do part-time jobs to supplement the family’s income. Overwork caused premature births. Mao Xiaotong, who was born, ignored her, and when she was 1 year old, she threw her into the trash can near her house while her mother was asleep. Fortunately, she was discovered in time. In the end, her parents divorced, and her mother took Mao Xiaotong with the only 50 yuan.

Mao Xiaotong’s father asked her for maintenance after she became popular. (Web image)

However, after entering the show business circle, Mao Xiaotong’s career was not smooth sailing. After many years of supporting roles, he slowly bounced up, and was also hurt by love. In 2015, Mao Xiaotong and mainland artist Chen Xiang became attached to each other because of the filming of “Lady’s Home” and “The Legend of Condor Heroes”. On September 2 of the same year, they officially announced their relationship on Weibo. However, after two years of dating, on October 1, 2017, Mao Xiaotong suddenly posted on Weibo: “I never imagined that this scene would appear in front of my eyes”, which aroused the attention of netizens. A few days later, Chen Xiang announced his breakup through Weibo: “It started with me at the beginning of the relationship. As a man, I did not protect Xiaotong well and caused her to suffer a lot of harm during this relationship. I am extremely sorry.” As for the reason, Mao Xiaotong only said that “there is another secret”, which once again triggered Outside speculation.

Afterwards, some netizens released the CCTV footage on October 1, 2017, and found that Chen Xiang took the female artist Jiang Kaitong home at three o’clock in the morning. Later, Mao Xiaotong also returned to the residence. Afterwards, Jiang Kaitong left and Mao Xiaotong moved out overnight, so netizens speculated The woman’s “caught rape in bed” led to a breakup. 4 years later, Chen Xiang got married again, and posted an article revisiting the breakup with Mao Xiaotong, denying the affair, explaining that he and Jiang Kaitong were going to do skin care at that time, and attached a screenshot of the phone conversation with Mao Xiaotong that year. He has been blamed for 4 years, alleging that Chen Xiang has always claimed that he is single and has pursued her, but she did not agree, and they have always been just friends. In the end, Mao Xiaotong directly released the recording of the rape in bed that year, leaving the two speechless!

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